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Designer Country


Your satisfaction is our property and way to progress.

Designer country would like to serve you with clipping path, image masking, drop shadow and reflection shadow, color correction, image manipulation, vector design services.

The reasons to choose us

Your satisfaction is our property.

Work is done in your expected way following your instructions.

Client service 24/7

A live service provider is always cordially ready to support you with any information

We complete your work by ourselves but some companies use broker to work on your images.

The CEO is educated from University of Dhaka, the best and most famous university of Bangladesh

All designers are educated from Graphic Arts Institute with about 4-5 year experience in design section

4/5 chief head or chief designers with 20-25 designers are in all editing sectors

All orders must be given to our clients within a day or less

12/ panthopath
Dhaka, Dhaka 1205

Less Than $10,000

$10,000- $25,000

$25,000- $50,000

$50,000- $100,000

$100,000- $500,000

$500,000- $1,000,000

$1,000,000 And Above