Contract & Turnkey Packaging



IQ PACK is a DYNAMIC company who shapes the specific packaging and printing needs of its CUSTOMERS.

UNIQUE with IQ PACK is the action that immediatly follows the talking. Ideas and designs are transformed into real PRINTED MODELS or TEST RUNS digitally printed upto high volume productions in offset printing. IQ Pack has digital and offset printing production facilities in-house.

IQ PACK is looking for a longterm partnership with it’s customers where we can create maximum added value as a strategic partner for a reasonable and affordable price !

Our goal is to offer accessible and sustainable personalized packaging solutions and services to any company who is looking to uplift their brand and sales. Whether the product or brand isn’t known yet on the market or it is known, IQ Pack will help anyone on a clear and transparent way.

H. Consciencestraat 32
Harelbeke, West-Vlaanderen 8530


Less Than $10,000

$10,000- $25,000

$25,000- $50,000

$50,000- $100,000

$100,000- $500,000

$500,000- $1,000,000

$1,000,000 And Above