Perez-Mitchell Design


Juliana Perez-Mitchell is based in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. She has a wide range of experience from top design agencies in the midwest. An alumni of Miami University with a BFA in Graphic Design, She is a very conceptual and strategic designer who thrives on process and collaboration. Juliana uses a unique approach to design & innovation to create new brands as well as refresh brands.

Originally from Costa Rica, she grew up around sculpture and food science. Exposed to the consumer goods industry (Kellogg’s, and Nestle) at a young age, Juliana was exposed to “mystery food” (un-branded top secret products). Juliana would taste the product and imagine how it would be named, packaged, branded, and sold. Juliana has always been passionate about making products, companies, and designs better. Its this experience with sensory that makes her a designer who really cares about the consumer experience in all aspects and deliverables. She creates human and emotional connections through design.

2234 N. Bissell St.
Chicago, Illinois 60614
United States

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