Rival Brands


When you build your brand based on ideas that focus on purpose, clarity and truly dramatic and meaningful differentiation, you are a strong brand. When you use design to manifest and communicate what makes you different, you are a rival. Become a Rival Brand. We focus on brand development that’s based on the tenets of what makes a strong brand—focus, trends, differentiation, and communications. Our goal is to leverage our highly creative design skills and design thinking for B2C and CPG clients and to help them implement their business strategies on route to achieving their goals.

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Hinesburg, Vermont 05461
United States



Less Than $10,000

$10,000- $25,000

$25,000- $50,000

$50,000- $100,000

$100,000- $500,000

$500,000- $1,000,000

$1,000,000 And Above