Sorbead India – Specialize in Adsorbent & Desiccants
Set up in 1996, Sorbead India is today one of the main manufacturers and distributor of Desiccants and Adsorbents in the India. Our extensive variety of items like Silica Gel, Molecular Sieves, Alumina Balls, Active primary packaging Desiccants, Oxygen absorbers, Pharmaceutical Coils and Laminated Tubes and Aluminum tubes are sought after crosswise over businesses. Our organization has accomplished numerous points of reference over the most recent 18 years, established by Mr. Rajesh Galgalikar.
An ISO 9001:2000 ensured organization, Sorbead India, has the refinement of being the sole authorized wholesaler of desiccants and adsorbents manufactured by global organizations of notoriety. Sorbead India disseminates the results of the accompanying organizations – Carolina Absorbent Cotton, Desiccare Inc., Montebello Packaging, Canada, Swambe Chemicals, Texas Technologies, USA and CSP Technologies.
Our organization is synonymous with top-class quality and this is something we have been working towards throughout the years. Under the direction of our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rajesh Galgalikar, Sorbead India is focused on finding dependable answers for moistness issues. We have an extremely dedicated and experienced group of designers and specialists who work round-the-clock to give the best quality items in the speediest time conceivable. Since quite a while ago devoted hours are spent on the planning, creation and testing techniques of various models, which are at a bargain. Our business records brag of blunder free conveyance and that excessively 98% of the time.

Industries We Serve
Sorbead India obliges the requirements of numerous businesses. The real enterprises incorporate Agriculture, Architectural materials, Automotive, Aerospace and Aviation, Chemicals, Consumer items, Cosmetics and individual care, Computers, Defense industry, Electronics, Food and Beverages, Machine Parts, Medical Instruments, Military, Natural Gas Processing, Packaging, Petroleum refining, Photo Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Power generation, Public Utilities, Refrigeration, Semiconductor, Shipping and Storage, Water filtration among numerous others.
Give us now a chance to investigate some of these businesses and how Sorbead India functions for them:
1. Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical business, items like Foam Plugs, Tubes and Vilas, oxygen absorbers, genuine desiccants packets and Canisters for ensuring tablets, capsules stuffed inside in bottles from the evil impacts of moisture. These desiccants are additionally utilized as a part of bundling of Nutraceuticals, beautifying agents and characteristic natural items.
2. Oil and Natural Gas: Adsorbents and desiccants fabricated by Sorbead India discover awesome use in oil and petroleum gas businesses, where they are utilized for separation and purification of oil and normal gases. They for the most part utilize Silica Gel, Molecular sieves and Activated Alumina Desiccants.
3. Research Laboratories: Research labs make broad utilization of chromatography substances for frying of expository delegates, DNA sanitization and biomarkers and most importantly, column chromatography for the seclusion and tidy up of anti-infection agents.
4. Chemical Industry: Sorbead India manufactures Alumina balls for the drying of organic liquids like LPG, butane, steam cracked liquids and solvents.
5. Shipping Industry: Adsorbents like Cargo Dry Pak are broadly utilized as a part of the transportation business for the sheltered and secure bundling of merchandise implied for sea, truck, and rail and air development

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